Saturday, September 19, 2015

Zhanna's Russian Health Drink

Greetings to my friends who are probably wondering what happened to me. I haven’t made an entry in my blog in several months. We recently moved to a beautiful remote area of the country. The birds awaken us in the morning with their melodious songs—we never hear traffic. Occasionally we see happy neighbors walking or biking past the house.
They always wave or stop and say hello.

Now that I am nearly unpacked I can get back to writing, visiting with my grandchildren that are closer than before, lying on the beach, and having fun in the kitchen.

I recently met a friend of my daughter-in-law named Zhanna who moved to the U.S. from Russia a couple of weeks ago. She was a little under the weather and was sipping a concoction that looked somewhat like lemonade. Through translation my daughter-in-law explained its purpose and contents. It was a health drink she had been drinking since she was a child. She got the recipe from her mother and it was good for whatever ails you.

The flight from Russia took more than a full day, being cooped up with a lot of people
that may or may not have been ill and she was not taking any chances. Hence she was drinking this Russian health drink. The next time you are around someone with flu or your kids come home from school with the sniffles, brew a jug of this Russian Health Drink. Zhanna swears by it. Thank you Zhanna! Stay well.
 Health Drink from Zhanna

1 medium fresh ginger root
4 fresh squeezed lemons
1 tablespoon honey
2 pounds frozen or fresh cranberries
3 liters lukewarm water 
Place following ingredients
in 3 liter or half gallon container:

a) Peel the ginger root and squeeze through a garlic press. Taste for heat, if it is too hot       use only half. Save the rest of the ginger for another day.
  b) Squeeze the lemons and remove seeds.
  c) Thaw frozen cranberries or wash if fresh. Grind in blender  
  d) Add honey
  e) Add lukewarm water and mix thoroughly.
Drink through the day on a full stomach to prevent getting sick. If you are using this drink for children use half the lemon and add more water.

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