Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas Breakfast for Lunch in January

I remember when my daughter told me, as a child, she always wanted me to play house with her, but I never did. I don’t recall her ever asking, but if she did I probably said I was too busy. I’m afraid that much of my young adult life was too busy. I regret that, but today I am a Granny Nanny—I make time. So, my rug doesn’t get vacuumed—big deal. I am snowed in but fortunately my little princess is just doors away. Mommy called and asked if Lana could come over because she missed Grandma. I replied, “Oh yes!”

In boots and coat I stepped out on the porch and watched her plod through the snow. It was almost time for lunch so we decided to have Christmas breakfast for lunch. Who cares if it’s January. I just happened to have all the ingredients needed with only a little improvisation.

Of course we washed our hands first. We used our favorite pancake mix with water and in no time the flapjacks were sizzling in the pan. When they were all done, we put a pancake on each plate—then came the fun part—making a face for Santa. We used whipping cream for his beard, his mustache, and his eyebrows. Mini marshmallows worked well for the fur trim on his hat. We had enough strawberries for the rest of his red hat, his nose, and mouth. We used a dab of whipping cream with a chocolate chip in the center of each eye. When he was all done, he looked jolly even if I do say so myself. Hey, we could have made a monkey, or a bear. (Don’t forget chocolate syrup.)

We had warm cocoa with extra marshmallows and we both cleaned our plates. At last we went upstairs and played house with the dolls. Granny Nannies know life is too precious to waste time cleaning house when you have royalty to entertain.


MK said...

Mom -

This is cute and very well written!



Barb's Writings and Recipes said...

Thanks Michael,
I'm glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

lol...So true....Such a cute idea, I'm gonna try it on my little ones!!! :)