Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peanut Butter Edible Play Dough

Last week the sky cried most of the time, so my grandchildren and I had to take some of our adventures inside. Princess granddaughter gets cabin fever when she can’t go out, so we had to figure out something else to do besides jump off the back of the couch. I checked out the pantry and decided to do a cooking activity that I used to do with my second-grade class when I taught—that was before they outlawed peanut butter in school. We used our detective skills to find the three needed items: peanut butter, powdered milk, and honey.

We took out the three-step stool, put on our aprons, washed our hands with soap and water and then started. In a medium sized metal bowl we dumped one cup of powdered milk, ½ cup of peanut butter, and ¼ cup of honey. We took turns mixing until it got hard to stir, then came the fun part. We put our hands in and squished it until it was smooth and pliable, we needed a smidgen more honey and a little more squishing—ahh perfect! We only nibbled a little bit, honest!

(This dough is no bake so don’t preheat the oven.) Next we rolled it out on wax paper and made snakes, then, since it was Halloween season, we decided to make pumpkins. Too bad we didn’t have corn candy for jack-o-lantern eyes and such, but raisins did nicely. Then we used a rolling pin and rolled out the rest of the dough until it was flat. Finally we cut out bats and black (pretend!) peanut-butter cats. We really tried to save some for Mommy and Daddy but we just couldn’t help ourselves. We started eating the dough. I ate a pumpkin and the princess kept picking at the cats and bats until you couldn’t tell what they were. We shared some with her eighteen month old prince brother. According to our critique from the prince, it earned a “Yum”. We thought so too. Don’t tell the princess I hid some in the cabinet behind the glasses!

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