Sunday, March 21, 2010

Porridge for the Three Bears Plus One

This is the first entry to my blog. Yeah, me!

This morning my daughter called and asked if she and the kids could come to breakfast. Of course the answer was, yes. Grandpa hadn't gotten to see the grand kids yesterday so Grand Papa Bear was looking forward to it. I looked in the refrigerator and discovered there weren't any eggs. I never let a little thing like an 'egg' get in the way, so my imagination sprung into action. Cheerios, or granola wouldn't do--not for the princess. Princess Lana is a precious, picky, imaginative child of almost three and I knew she would expect something more. I (Grandma Bear) set out three bowls of varying sizes plus one. I took out the pot and the Irish steel cut oatmeal, aka porridge. Following the package directions I made enough for all contenders in about 30 minutes. None of that instant stuff for my baby bear. I placed several cups with toppings on the table--blueberries, raisins, brown sugar, butter, honey, and cinnamon. I made a smoothie of frozen bananas, frozen mixed berries, orange juice, and milk. When the princess (today baby bear) arrived she was impressed with the porridge and so were Mama Bear and Grandpa bear. Of course she had to add some rainbow sprinkles, honey, and butter. She didn't want any fruit, but (tee, hee!) she had a large smoothie. Now you are thinking Grandma Bear.


Cheburashka said...
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MK said...

Congratulations on posting your first blog! It's a very cute story and has some very tasty ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stories here!


PS - I removed the post above to comment using the correct account. :)

Barb's Writings and Recipes said...

The only thing better than oatmeal is oatmeal with fruit.